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Mission and  Purpose

Create opportunities for empowerment.

We all need opportunities to grow and meet our potential. People who are on the margins of society are disempowered. Women and girls, orphans, and widows in low-income countries are tremendously disempowered within their country and on the global stage.

As a nonprofit, Talents Empowered (TE) lifts individuals in low-income countries by providing access to education, health care, technical training, support, and spiritual growth. Primarily, TE does this through scholarships, assistance to medical clinics, pastors, schools, and orphanages.

Through the work of Talents Empowered, people on the margins of society or those who are helping people on the margins are provided opportunities for empowerment. 

TE has been investing in people since 2014. 

The results are exponential.

Matthew 25:14

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