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Our Team

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Becky Moody

Co-Founder & Board Chair (USA)

Becky co-founded TE and she cherishes her work with the nonprofit. She is a lawyer in Georgia, USA.

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Russell Myers

Board Member (USA)

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Frans Moore

Director of Organizational Development (USA)

Frans began working with us at the end of 2017. He brings a lot of vision and structure to the nonprofit.

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Ashley Horton

Administrative Assistant (USA)

Ashley has been with us since the beginning. Her heart for helping others is evident in her commitment to our nonprofit and we are blessed by that commitment every day.

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Father Siamoo

Scholarship Coordinator (TZ)

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Susan Davenport

Board Member (USA)

Dr. Susan Davenport joined the board in early 2020. Her passion for this work is immense.

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Florence Myers

Board Member (USA)

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Mary Ann Cates

Head of Donor Accountants (USA)

Mary Ann has dedicated her time to ensuring our finances are in order, especially those regarding donors.

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Janeth Urio

Funds Coordinator (TZ)

Janeth is a lawyer in Moshi, Tanzania. Since 2018, Janeth has been helping TE send funds to scholarship students and has provided needed guidance to the team.

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Merchandise Coordinator (USA)

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Bob McCullough

Board Member (USA)

Bob McCullough joined the board in early 2020. His passion for this work is immense.

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Emily Moody

Co-Founder & Executive Director (USA)

​Emily is a recent UGA graduate and is studying in London to learn how to better run Talents Empowered.

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Yusuph Mathias

Head of Scholarships (TZ)

Yusuph practices law in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. He supports the scholars in Tanzania.

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Pastor Dolo

Scholarship Coordinator (LR)

Pastor Dolo is a vital volunteer in Liberia. He coordinates funds for scholars, ensures their needs are met, and communicates scholar updates with the team.

In Loving Memory

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Mr. Carroll Underwood


Mr. Carroll Underwood helped co-found TE in 2014. He was a cornerstone of Talents Empowered, helping it start and supporting Yusuph from before T.E. even began.

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