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Angel House

Our story behind the place

Situated in the Western part of Tanzania on the continent of Africa, Angel House Orphanage started as a small building with a big purpose. Now, with over five buildings including a school, a home for the orphans, a computer lab, and a hostel, Angel House has changed the lives of hundreds of children. It is changing the lives of hundreds of children. Rahabu is one.

Becky and Emily, two of our Co-founders met Rahabu on their first trip to Angel House. Running up with the other children, excited and disheveled, Rahabu brought a warmth to their hearts. Without catching her breath, Becky knelt down and fixed the mismatched buttons on Rahabu’s shirt. From that point on, anywhere they went, Rahabu followed. She did not speak any English and at that point Becky and Emily did not speak Swahili, but she held their hands and they fell in love that short week.

After they left, Rahabu got malaria. Millions of children die every year from this disease. Rahabu survived, and is thankfully among the few who live. Becky felt as if one of her own children was sick. It was devastating to be so far away from Rahabu in her time of need.


In 2015, the Board of TE decided to sponsor Rahabu and several other Angel House students to ensure that their futures were secure. We encourage them and they encourage us. We are blessed to be able to help make their futures bright.


In 2018, Becky, Emily, and Frans were able to go to Angel House and meet many of the children we have since added to our sponsor list as well as Rahabu.

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